8 income stream of an interior designer

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1 Buy and sell home accessories: when freshly out of school without a job buy and sell home and office accessories, that way many people will identify with you as an upcoming interior designer.

2 Find a good Furniture maker: Market yourself as a furniture seller. Make one set of furniture in your home and invite friends to see what you make.

3 .Starts an Online Business: Making money online requires very little cash investment and can be done on your schedule from home. There are two approaches to getting started. First, you can build a blog,Setting up a blog takes just minutes and costs very little.Second, you can set up a website. It’s much easier than you think.

4 Realtor: This may seem like a crazy time to start selling real estate, but in a slow market a lot of the competition runs away, and over the long term have the potential to make substantial income.

5 Website Design: With the continued growth of the Internet, website design has become a growing industry. Unless you already have the know-how, you’ll need to spend some time learning the technology. But there are plenty of online resources available, and the best in the business can earn a great income

6. Graphic Artist: There are a lot of ways to generate money through graphics. Just the logo business alone could keep you busy if you have the artistic skills necessary to develop cool graphics.

7. Freelance writer: If you have a knack for writing, you can earn great money writing for others. Not sure how to start? Contact bloggers who are always looking for great writing. As blogs grow, they can afford to pay freelancers good money for quality articles. Websites looking to build links also hire freelancers to write guest posts to be published on blogs and websites.

8.Home business: The ideas and potential for a home business are limitless. I know folks who run creative interior design stores, operate an interior decoration business from their home. One of the great benefits about running a home business is that it greatly reduces your initial investment.


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