skills needed to be an interior designer in nigeria

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Interior designers use their skills to make interior spaces appealing and functional. They work with clients and other design professionals to understand how the interior space will be used and what the ambience should represent. To be successful as an interior designer, you need education, communication skills and a bit of innate creativity.


Most employers and clients prefer an interior designer who completed a formal education program, and interior designers can have a professional diploma in interior design. Many programs are accredited by one of the top interior design schools in Nigeria “Simplinteriors School of interior design and entrepreneurship they are in collaboration with Yaba collage of Technology Consult.



Interior designers should possess strong creative and artistic skills to make their designs aesthetically pleasing for their clients. They select a variety of colors, textiles, fabrics and interior furnishings with the clients’ interests and tastes in mind. Although many design aesthetics are learned through education and training, a natural creative talent helps interior designers to be successful.



To successfully find clients and understand their needs, interior designers require excellent interpersonal skills. Interior designers often work with a variety of other professionals to design and construct interior spaces. They must effectively communicate with architects, engineers and contractors — everyone involved with design projects — to be successful.



Between 2010 and 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 19 percent growth for interior designers, more specifically for large design projects such as hospitals, schools, hotels and corporations. Interior designers can work for a variety of employers including retail stores, specialized design service firms, architectural and engineering firms, as well as consulting services firms.


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