Ideas for giving your home a facelift this Christmas season

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Ideas for giving your home a facelift this Christmas season

This time of the year has magic on its own and I am one of those people that deeply embraces Christmas and that’s why, for the entire month of December, our “Interior Design Ideas” will be more like “Christmas Decorating Ideas”. Does this work for you?

 Having my home decorated for Christmas makes me happy. I love seeing all the lights blinking, the fire in the fireplace roaring almost every evening and I really enjoy getting everything ready for the big day. I feel almost as if life gets a little better… a little more magical.

I hope you are in the Christmas mood (if you aren’t already) with these Christmas Decorating Ideas. From Christmas trees, to wreathes, to mantel decor and even outdoor Christmas decorations, these are ideas that are not too difficult to duplicate at home.

A smart way to decorate your home without breaking the bank during this Christmas is by using more natural decor like pine cones, twigs, acorns and fruits. Now, it’s time to get inspired with these Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Get the idea and do it your way at home!

Along with the regular cleaning and decorating, many households plan an annual facelift for their home around this time. While some plan elaborate changes such as a whitewash or new flooring, others engage in little cosmetic changes and theme decorations. Remember that you do not necessarily need a large amount of money to plan a makeover. There are small, cost-effective ways in which you can go about this exercise. Small steps can make a huge difference to the home décor, says Joy Ofili Yebovi interior design expert.

Below are some ways by which you could give your home a completely new look without burning a hole in your pocket:

Remove the clutter:

Begin the makeover by getting rid of the clutter, says Joy Ofili Yebovi interior designer Simplinteriors & Decor. Remove extra furniture or other unwanted things that are no longer in use, she suggests. This would also help to make open space available and also try to have fun while doing this.

Redefine the living space:

Try changing the setting of the living room. Rearrange the furniture, move the sofa to a different location or change the way your pictures hang on the wall, try to keep the sofa in a position where you don’t have to block the window therefore removing the natural light from the living room. This could surprisingly lend a new perspective to the living space.

Create an illusion:

Consult an interior designer in Nigeria to help with beautiful curtains that would suit the yuletide season. Move the curtain rod from the window pane to the ceiling. Hanging the curtains from the ceiling creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Paint a wall:

Colour a single wall of the living room in a bright colour using wallpaper or texture paint. Not only does this save time and money, it adds a theme décor to the room. For wallpaper, choose metallic colours like gold, copper and silver.

Change the furnishing:

December is just around the corner, take your furniture’s to a good interior design company (simplinteriors& Décor) and have the sofa covers changed to give your home a new look to celebrate the season. Drapes and furnishings such as curtains, sofa covers and table covers can have a lot of impact on the overall ambience. Choose warm, earthen shades or those with interesting prints and motifs.

Colourful cushions:

According to Joy Ofili Yebovi interior designer in Nigeria, bright-coloured cushions add glitter to the room. While choosing cushions go for colours like red, magenta, fuchsia, peacock green, beige or gold, embellished with beads and sequins, can be the bright spot in the living space.


Light up:

From lights, candles, lamps and paper lanterns, the market has a huge variety on offer for the festival of lights. You could get beautiful lights that suits the season in different colours and bright shades (blinking lights)

Create a Beautiful Xmas Tree:

Could anything be more beautiful than an xmas tree? It’s perfect for even your big or smallest spaces. Get a tree top and adorn it with your favorite ornaments, garlands, and a little star on top. Add to the fun by arranging wrapped gifts around its base but then you can get already made trees in different sizes and shapes in the market that would suit the purpose.


Maximize Your Railings:

Your railings can add to your Xmas decor, too. Take a run-of-the-mill garland to new heights with a string of beautiful felted flowers, and then hang the garland from your handrail. Use a 2-inch scallop-edge paper punch to make the flowers, layering different colors for depth. Then, use a needle and clear plastic thread to string them together. Use twist ties to attach them to your garland.

christmas light for stairs

Decorate Dining Room Chairs:

If you are constant with my articles you remember I mentioned how important a colour wheel is to an interior designer. Now it’s important to you too… giving your home that new look involves playing with colours.  Let your dining room chairs join in the holiday fun. Tie painted pinecones to wide ribbons and drape them over the back of your chairs. Match the ribbon color to your home decor for a look that’s all your own.

Make a DIY Tabletop Tree:

Bring a natural touch to your holiday decor by making a unique tabletop tree (DIY). Hunt for some branches outside, then use gardening pebbles to stand them in a flowerpot. Drape your “tree” with translucent ribbons and hang ornaments from the branches. Best of all, you can make your tree as big (or small) as you want to fit your space says interior designer in Nigeria.





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