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There are several important steps in interior design, but would be talking about two here… I taught my students at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship different steps but I would be focusing on FUNCTION and MOOD.

A beautiful interior not only functions well but it creates a mood or a feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there.  Attention to these two important ingredients function and mood ensures great interior design in Nigeria. Before painting and rearranging, Simplinteriors (a top 10 Interior design company in Lagos Nigeria), spend some time thinking about the client’s family and behavior, ask questions, look carefully for colour cues and perhaps a clue to the mood of the client. This is the beginning of a well-planned and decorated living area.


Decorating is more than just eye appeal; it’s making a room really work for you.
– The focal point: Sometimes rooms have natural focal points (places the
eyes travel to immediately upon entering a room) I always emphasis
on this point in my school ( SIMPLINTERIORS SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP) it could be a beautiful TV stand, maybe even a bookshelf. If the room doesn’t have a natural focal point, create one with a dynamic piece of art or a colourful area rug.
– The furniture: First, consult a reputable interior design company in Nigeria to make good furniture ( Simplinteriors & décor). Then determine whether the furniture satisfies the functions you’ve planned for the room. If a piece isn’t working or if it’s too large or too small for the size of the room, get rid of it or trade it for something else around the house that may be more appropriate.

The mood or feeling of a room is created by your choice of colours, the style of furnishings, the amount of texture and pattern you choose and your accessories. Since there’s so much to think about when creating a mood, establishing a theme through the selection of an inspiration piece can make this portion of a decorating project much more fun and interesting. Here are the factors you need to address when setting a
– The inspiration piece: The easiest way to decorate as an interior designer in Nigeria is to start with some source of inspiration. A decorative pillow. Select your inspiration piece wisely, and be sure it makes you feel good when you look at it. It’s the basis for selecting your theme, colours, patterns and textures.
– Colour cues: Colour should always support the theme. Many times, the colours that are most appropriate are found in the patterns and design of your inspiration piece. Generally, it’s best to choose three colours in a room: a dominant Colour, used for walls, carpeting and fabric backgrounds; a secondary Colour, found throughout the room in fabrics and accessories; and an accent Colour, used sparingly to give energy and excitement to the room.
– The unexpected: Interest doesn’t have to be strange; it can simply be something unexpected in a room, like a brightly painted ceiling. This is why simplinteriors a top 10 interior designers in Lagos Nigeria takes every detail and feelings of our clients in other to give them a maximum satisfaction.



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