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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a common question school children face. When you were asked this, did your answer remain the same from kindergarten through high school graduation? Or did you often change your mind? Either way, you probably know more today about your professional goals than you did when you were a kid that is why you were bold to say you want to be among one of the top 10 interior designers in Lagos Nigeria.

As an adult, a career change is not only possible, it can also lead to happier, more fulfilled lives. If you’re a creative person with a practical side, and you would like to provide an excellent service to people, consider a career in interior design at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design & Entrepreneurship. Here are three reasons you should.


3 Reasons to Attend Simplinteriors School of interior design and Entrepreneurship

  1. Interior design school = EXCITING!

School can be exciting, especially when you get to combine your passion with the excitement of a career change. At Simplinteriors School of interior design & Entrepreneurship, your instructors will want you at your most creative, and then help you to focus your creativity on practical design possibilities. For instance, interior design classes include:

  • What’s the difference between an interior designer to an interior decorator
  • Computer-aided drafting (CAD)
  • Space planning
  • Lighting
  • Residential design
  • Commercial design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital design presentations: Your presentations will involve much more than the boring, seen-a-thousand-times-before Power Point. You can learn how to incorporate CAD (Computer-aided-design) with your own hand-drawn or photographed designs for more wow-worthy presentations in a good interior design school like simplinteriors school of design & entrepreneurship.
  • Furniture construction and design: Your interior design program could teach you not only about drafting furniture design plans, but they might also provide you hands-on shop time to create own pieces in an interior design project.
  1. All interior designers are not the same: YOU CAN SPECIALIZE.

Interior designers have vast opportunities to create their own niches in the field. Interior design is expanding far beyond the traditional areas of residential or commercial design. Today’s specializations include:

  • Kitchen design
  • Bath design
  • Kids room design
  • Closet design
  • Lighting
  • Colour & painting
  • accessories

You can even become professionally certified in many of these specialities and also be a certified interior designer at Simplinteriors School of interior design & entrepreneurship.


People have now come to see the importance of interior designers especially in Lagos Nigeria. Now is a great time to pursue this new career, whatever job you are coming from. If you are a creative person who wants to get paid for your great sense of style and taste, then you should attend one of the top interior design school  in Lagos Nigeria; a school like Simplinteriors School of Interior Design & Entrepreneurship. Let these three reasons inspire you to make the change.


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