10 signs it might be the best time to redesign your home

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10 signs it might be the best time to redesign your home

There are many factors that might motivate a person to take on the challenge of redesign or re-modelling a home. Some homeowners/tenant may have a specific event that finally pushes them over the edge to redesign (such as first child getting married or the last child leaving for college), while others may just feel it is finally time to execute the dream.

There are thousands of subcontractors who may specialise in your specific type of renovation and redesign but the best in Nigeria is Simplinteriors or better still you can grease the elbows a little and try a home do-it-yourself project (DIY) which we at simplinteriors school of interior design can teach you the best way to DIY. No matter how you get it done, renovating can certainly brighten your home and continue to add value.
Regardless of the reason, if you need a change, the following are Simplinteriors School of interior design top 10 reasons to perform a home redesigning or renovation.

1. Your house feels empty
The other extreme is when your house feels empty. There is a reason they call it an empty nest when the children grow up and move out. This may be a sign it is time to remodel and re-purpose some of the existing space to better meet your new needs. Those empty bedrooms could become part of a larger gathering space for when the children come home or when the family expands with new spouses and grandchildren. Or, the remodel may reconfigure empty bedrooms to become part of the master suite you have always wanted.
2. You have issues with your house but you don’t want to move
Every home redesigning client that I have met in my years of being an interior designer in Nigeria, no matter their circumstance, has some affection or affinity for the location of their home. They want a change of circumstance but not of location. Therefore, they decide to make their current house work for them with an interior design project.
This “move versus redesigning” debate is an important part of the process. How important is your current location in terms of convenience or family activities? Does your current home allow options that cannot be duplicated in another location? Does your house have the potential to give you what you want with a home redesign? Is it possible to achieve your goals considering your lot size and the zoning ordinances in your area? Is your budget somewhat in line with the work you need to do? Consulting with an interior designer like Simplinteriors will give you more insight to these questions.
The other option is to move and redesign. Sometimes a client will decide they don’t necessarily need to stay in their current house, but they can’t find the dream house on the market. So, they find a house that will be easier to redesign or remodel to fit their needs and redesign it before they move in. That is a bit of the hybrid answer to the redesign/remodel versus move dilemma, but it may be an option.

3. Be Embarrassed No More
If you are embarrassed to invite your friends over because they may laugh at your outdated furniture or kitchen and bathroom colours, it’s time to make a change. Installing new counter tops is easy and not overly expensive so you can make a huge difference with a simple change. Although your friends do not really care, you will at least feel better when they come over for dinner next time.
4. Home is Where the Heart is
They say the home is where the heart is; meanwhile the kitchen is the heart of the house. Families and their friends spend the majority of their time in the kitchen. Women assume that men fall in love with them as a result of the bedroom. In reality, men fall in love because of the kitchen. Therefore, if you are looking at your appliances and cabinets and thinking that they are old and worn then replace them with something more appeal for you and the entire family. Since the most time is spent in the kitchen, why not make it as pleasant as possible?

5. Your house is bursting at the seams
One of the most common signs that it is time to remodel is that your house doesn’t work for your family anymore. Additional children or taking in ageing parents can suddenly make your house too small. These life-changing circumstances can cause you to need a bigger house, more bedrooms, or a mother-in-law is coming over. Redesigning is a viable solution to such circumstances.
A few years ago, we helped a family that was literally bumping into each other at meal times. The kitchen was much too small and their dining area directly off the kitchen was not big enough for a table with chairs for all of the family members. They had finally had enough and decided it was time to remodel and redesign. We remember them saying they couldn’t believe they lived in a sardine can for so long. Needless to say, they love the new remodel and redesign.

6.Make Corrections to the House
If you are noticing certain appliances or areas of the home are simply outdated and falling apart, it may be a better option to renovate instead of using duct tape to keep it together. Your bathroom may have tiles falling off the wall or the toilet may be flushing slowly. If you can afford it, re-tile the bathroom and update it with a fresh new desire or completely replace the toilet. There is always something that needs to be fixed in a home so buy a beautiful replacement.

7.Your Closet is Too Small
As your family grows, the amount of shoes and clothing grows with it. In many of the older homes, there is limited closet space, which can easily be outgrown. If you are noticing that you need more space, renovated closets allow you to increase storage and make for a more efficient use of the available space for the future.
8.Your Home Feels Stale
If your home feel almost perfect but is lacking one thing, change it. Renovations do not need to be a massive undertaking. They can be a minor face lift that is not expensive or time consuming. Try painting your walls a different colour to allow the house to feel fresh and clean. This is an excellent option for those on a budget.

9. Your house screams time warp
This one is simple: If your house is completely out of date, it is a sign it is time to remodel! This can go well beyond looks. Older homes were designed for a completely different lifestyle; if you want to live in the 21st century, your house needs to support that style of more open, casual living. Letting your house become too outdated clearly has a negative effect on your personality.
10. The infrastructure has issues
Sometimes re-modelling comes from a place of necessity rather than want. If your house and its systems are constantly breaking down and house maintenance projects are consuming your life, which is also a sign it is time to remodel. When the infrastructure of your house has issues, consider re-modelling while you are addressing projects that require opening walls and ceilings. Rusty plumbing, bad electrical wiring, issues with the foundation or the actual structure of the house demand attention and may lead you in to re-modelling “while you are at it.”
Combining re-modelling with significant infrastructure updates will actually save you money if you do both at the same time. It doesn’t make sense to rip into the walls that you are planning to tear down in a home remodel next year.
If you notice any of these signs with your house, then it may be time to set up a consultation with Simplinteriors (professional interior designer in Lagos Nigeria) and get the process started.

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