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One of the best parts of owning Simplinteriors &Décor (Top interior design school in Lagos Nigeria) has been spending more than 10 years talking with friends and customers about their homes. I love to hear what you all are doing in your homes to make them unique, beautiful, a place that fills you up.

As I teach my students at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design & Entrepreneurship, I’ve found out that lots of us face the same decorating dilemmas and are curious how others have solved them. We love to hear about new trends and techniques in the world of interior design and we are always looking for ideas and inspiration to infuse our spaces with style.

Are you ready for the Easter celebration? While this festivity doesn’t require much preparation compared to Christmas, there are still some things you need to put in place to make your home more celebratory and create the perfect surroundings for a big celebration or small family gathering as you wish.

When it comes to festive periods like Easter, think of the interiors and a decoration to go along with it. So as you plan to put your home in order for Easter, keep these in mind;

Clean up the outside of your home

A good cleaning will make your home feel like new. We will suggest you start with the outside of the house by clearing your gutter, litters and every other thing you don’t need. After that is accomplished, re-organize the places you need to, give your lawn a good trim, remove dead plants arrange the potted ones. The idea is to clean your home so that it feels uncluttered, fresh and clean.


Touch up the inside of your home

The preparations shouldn’t stop outside, for those who will be hosting friends in their living rooms. The window blinds, the tiles, carpet should be sparkling clean as it serves as a welcoming figure in our home. Also pay attention to the furniture, the rest room and anywhere else you can think of.

Finally, hire an Interior designer or event accessories you’ll need for your celebrations. Hiring things like chairs and tables makes it easy to accommodate large groups of people.






Give your home good paintwork: Did you know that certain colours can determine your mood? Yes, some colours could dampen your mood while others can lift your spirits. Make good use of Simplinteriors one of the top interior design school in Lagos Nigeria to  help you find the best  interior designers that will in turn help you find an indoor colours that will work well with your ideas. The customer service persons at the paint companies also come in handy with their palettes that have an array of colours to choose from. Carefully choose some fresh colours for the hall.  Go for bright and refreshing indoor colours that will bring a smile to your face each time you step into your home and choose a calming colour for the bedroom. And do not forget to paint the ceiling. It will surprise you what a difference that will make in your home


Change your bathroom. Changing the accessories is a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom. Replace your shower curtain with one that is brightly patterned and your raggedy old towels for some fun colorful ones. Add a bath rug, some artwork and scented candles and your bathroom is renewed.



Easter will be here before we know it, so start preparing now by getting your house in shape and decorating your home for the season. Then, start planning for gatherings with family and friends by hiring the equipment you’ll need. When you’re prepared in advance, you can enjoy the season and celebrate. For your best interior design and decoration contact Simplinteriors and Décor.



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