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How to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most important part in a home used for cooking and food preparation in a residential or in any commercial establishment. Modernizing an outdated kitchen is often a little more complex and requires the skills of an interior designer. Interior designers, who have passed through training schools, have walked along the design path many times and have priceless expenses, will understand quickly the layouts of kitchen spaces and decorations. They help to speed up the various processes by helping to get cheaper but quality kitchen materials from their several professional contacts.

In Nigeria there are new design trends showcasing creative uses of colours, modern appliances, and functional design every where you go, I as an interior designer in Simplinteriors school of interior design we show you endless ways to bring your kitchen into the present day.Whether you are planning on moving to a new home, or if you plan on staying in your space for generations to come, these ideas can help you transform your kitchen into the cooking space of your dreams. Let’s get started….

Here are creative ways to make your dull, outdated kitchen feel new and inviting once again.




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 Upgrade your metals

Outdated kitchens were made with materials that were popular decades ago, including metals used for kitchen hardware. With manufacturer’s releasing innovative materials and design trends following suit, it may be time to rethink your drawer pulls and lighting fixtures.Metals for modern kitchen design include matte aluminium, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper.


Try these materials out in your cabinetry hardware, pendant lighting is very much in, and range hood options and see how it will transform your old cabinetry into new sparkling cabinetry.


 Swap out your flooring

Flooring is an area of your kitchen that is often forgotten, and yet plays a major role in your entire kitchen. If your flooring is keeping you in the past, as an expert in interior design I will advice you switch from your traditional flooring to a more resilient timeless material, I am talking about marbles, tiles, or granite. These materials will last longer as well as boost the value of your home. It is also very important you contact a Professional interior designer in one of the top interior designing company in Nigeria (Simplinteriors & Décor) for the best and quality flooring materials.







Consider removing your upper cabinetry

As an Interior designer in Lagos Nigeria I have seen many outdated and new kitchens built to include upper cabinetry to house dishes and cookware. Often times these cabinets I see in Nigeria consume the eye and make the kitchen feel crowded because we don’t only make use of the inside of the upper cabinet but also place items above it. Consider removing some of the upper cabinets to open up the space of your kitchen (not all upper space should be filled with upper cabinet. This frees up the wall, allowing for modern open shelving with a few decorative items and dishware.



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 Modernize your countertops

Your counter tops also have a large portion of real estate in your kitchen. While outdated kitchens may have the inconvenient tile or cheap vinyl for work space, the variety of counter top surfaces options out there today are endless. Over the last few years interior designers are becoming increasingly creative and are using heavy-duty structural materials for counter tops. That is why at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design & Entrepreneurship (Top 10 Interior design school in Lagos Nigeria) our students get the best training to become very creative and also become great interior designers.





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Give people a place to sit

Your kitchen is most likely the busiest area of your home, and the place families are most likely to congregate in I often tell my students at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design & Entrepreneurship so a Modern kitchens should embrace this by adding seating to the kitchen. Whether you choose counter top stools, seats at a breakfast bar, or you opt for a banquette or bench at a window side table, seating can make your kitchen have a whole new appeal. Busy families with children doing homework, hubby keeping you company while you make Saturday breakfast for the family to parents entertaining friends while cooking make seating essential and fun in your modern kitchen. That’s why is important to hire the Creative Director of Simplinteriors and also one of Nigeria Top Interior designer  Joy Ofili – Yebovi to plan and design your home, Office or kitchen space.


 Install new lighting options

Once you have modernized the major components of your kitchen, don’t forget the lighting. While kitchen lighting can sometimes be an afterthought for some new bees, it is essential to have it planed out for functionality, safety, ambiance, and versatility of your kitchen from the onset. If your kitchen solely contains one overhead ambient lighting fixture, look into recessed lighting for a modern illumination source. Consult a Professional interior designer to help consider the best lighting option to install in your kitchen while entertaining, cooking, or just relaxing.



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Add decorative elements

While you may not think about it, your kitchen is a great place to add decorative elements that bring a sense of you and your lifestyle into your kitchen. For many homeowners, plant shelves on top of cabinets allow room for plants, frame kids artwork (lol! mothers understand how this helps our kids), and other decorative items. Build and display shelves below your kitchen, which can showcase your kitchenware, your favourite cookbooks. Add a flower vase and a fresh bowl of lemons for a shot of colour and so, you need to hire an interior design company in the likes of Simplinteriors & Decor to get the best decoration and design ideas.


While your kitchen could look fabulous as it is, what would it look like without that bothersome wall? If you’re not sure if this is possible,consult a Professional interior designer to see what possibilities there are for your kitchen. From updating finishes and materials to bringing in colour, illumination and space the options abound for your outdated kitchen. While you may not use all of these ideas, see which ones are perfect for your lifestyle, budget, and family.Email us the before and after look of your kitchen to

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your space.


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