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There are a lot of commonly made by interior designers, we therefore highlight common mistakes and how to avoid making them. Interior designers have an eye for colors, patterns, and textures, as well as a great sense of how furniture works in a space. At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design, we train you to tell when something is off, whether it’s the orientation of a rug or the amount of light in a room. We also know plenty of ways to make a space better that others might not notice or think of. Whether you are planning a total room overhaul, or wanting to train in an interior design school in Lagos, Nigeria or simply want to jazz up an existing space. At Simplinteriors and School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, we will show you how to avoid interior design mistakes and walk away with an impressive finish.
1. Over- or under-sized furniture
The commonest mistakes people make when designing a room, is overlooking the size of the space and buying furniture that is either too small or too large. Before you purchase any new pieces, be sure to have exact dimensions of the room on hand so that when you go to look for a sofa or table, you know if it will reasonably work into the flow of the room.
“While over-sized furniture can often be and look comfortable, if it is too large for a room, it can cause the room to flow poorly,” says Joy Ofili Yebovi Creative Director at Simplinteriors.“Circulation and flow are critical for making a home feel and work right.”

2. Harsh or Dim Lighting
Harsh overhead lighting is one of the worst ways to illuminate a space. “Layering lighting around a room is always a great fix. Investing in a beautiful overhead light makes a lot of sense (especially if you have kids because it is hung high and, therefore, something they can’t break),” “Sconces and table and floor lamps are other ways to add secondary lighting to a room to make it more visually interesting, as well as more functional. These lights can be turned on as needed, but that way you won’t end up with a room that is too harsh or dim.” A mix of natural and overhead light turns the dining room into an elegant oasis.

3. Too Many Family Photos
At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, we train you on how to showcase family photos; often time’s people overload their mantels, shelves and side tables with pictures of their children and relatives. If you are looking to minimize the chaotic effect of collage-style displays, consider choosing a few of your favourite photos and mounting them in a series of contemporary gold or silver frames. That way, you can create a small gallery of photos of your most cherished memories — on a single wall, in a way that is tasteful and cohesive. Sort through family photos and pick a few of your favourites for display. Mount them in silver or gold frames for a sophisticated look, and don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes. As long as they are framed in a similar fashion, they will look cohesive.

4. Hanging on to Heirlooms
Are you thinking about squeezing your grandmother’s chest of drawers into your bedroom? Think again. “Sentimental pieces can actually add interest to your space because they usually tell a story about the people who have them. But if they are outdated or don’t fit the style of your home, there are a few things you can do. First, think about whether the piece could be used in another room. Second, think about whether it can be re-purposed in some way (i.e., ‘can that vintage console, you inherited be made into a great coffee table by shortening the legs?’). If neither of these applies, it’s time to move on!”

5. Undisguised storage
“Beware of open storage — like open shelves and baskets — unless they are enclosed in closet spaces. It is difficult to keep these looking tidy, so it’s best if they are hidden, If you are a self-described ‘neat freak’ and you like arranging the all-white dishware, then go for it. This is a look that the interior designer Joy Ofili Yebovi constantly teaches and shows her students at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship. However, it is a look that is incredibly hard for most people to keep up with. Glass-fronted refrigerators are a great look but are also hard to keep looking great for this same reason.

6. Multipurpose rooms
Multipurpose rooms are becoming more and more popular as people downsize and move into urban apartments or town homes where space is limited. The trick to creating a well-designed multipurpose room — like a home office or workout space — is to make sure that it feels intentional. Having designated areas for things like fitness equipment or office supplies is critical for avoiding a ‘junk room’ effect. Try to minimize clutter in these areas and to use it only for its original purpose.

7. Misplaced Window Treatments
If your home has a generous amount of windows, consider adding window treatments — like blinds or drapes — to add privacy, as well as texture and color.Be careful in placing floor registers near curtains that hang to the floor, or in hanging curtains to the floor near floor registers. If the register is too close, then the air circulation will cause the curtains to billow out and not hang right. “Curtains are too expensive to end up having them not hang like you want them to hang.

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