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The Restroom is an important space in every organization, at homes, and even in public places. It’s a place for relief. Relieving oneself is important because there is a comfort that comes after that. A place without this space is not comfortable.

In a home, the rest room can serve as a place for relief and for relaxation especially when having a warm bath. It is also an escape room when you just need solitude, knowing no one will disturb you. The rest room can also be a place where you get that relaxed mood just enough to think deeply about certain things. You can get inspired in there because you have no choice but to wait it out and you tend to just think about certain things and end up getting inspired, you can practice your speech, prepare for your exam mentally while having your bath or relieving yourself. All this can only happen if you place your rest room in good order by designing it the Simplinteriors way. At Simplinteriors, one of the top school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship in Lagos, Nigeria, We are only interested in teaching you or giving your home that relax feel and exciting look.

Why design the restroom?

The restroom interior design is very important. For a place stated to be the relief room and a place for relaxation and several other things, it is important to be in a conducive state for its users. The rest room can be the worst room in the house but with the help of a decorator and an interior designer, you can bring out the best in the rest room and make it equally comforting as any room in the house. This is an inclusive part of turning your house into a home. As Nigeria’s Renowned Interior Designer and Event planner (Joy Ofili-Yebovi, CEO Simplinteriors & Deco), we are dedicated to giving any project placed in our hands the unique excellent touch, and our restroom interiors are top notch. At Simplinteriors “one of the best Interior Design Training School in Lagos, Nigeria” we train our students on how to design and decorate a restroom through the following ways;

  • By adding Glamour – a restroom should have glamour, a cool color, neat finishing, enticing lightening, and creative decor. You can make a statement with your restroom interior and give it the welcoming feel all restroom should have. At Simplinteriors, we ensure the look of your restroom is glamorous, we ensure it’s comfortable and welcoming. We have special way to make your restroom look even bigger and give it the lightening it deserves even if the room lacks window.
  • By using exquisite textural element- this includes your molding, tiles, fabric elements, your bath tub, sink, mirror etc. They all help in giving the restroom a welcoming look. As a creative Interior Designer, the use of textural element is a top notch for us. We mix different textural element to give your restroom the great exquisite look it deserve.

Above all,  your rest room care is extremely important. After the interior design, there is a need for proper care to keep the room in proper shape. Maintaining a luxurious rest room is not as expensive as you think, it only needs consistency and immediate care after use. Interior designers, who have passed through our training school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship have walked along this design path many times and have priceless experiences, and as such, they understand the layouts of an exquisite restroom and its decorations.

Sounds interesting? Get us to work on your restroom, let’s do it the Simplinteriors way. Please contact us at Simplinteriors on 08123020337 or Visit us at No 71 Falolu, Off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.

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