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Out of every space in a home, your bedroom is without a doubt the most personal. Even though it’s an area many of your guests may never actually see, it still deserves a great deal of attention. It’s where you recharge, reflect on the day, and even spend time reading a book, so it only makes sense for it to feature the right color palette and furnishings. And let’s not forget that it also has to showcase your design style accurately and complement the overall aesthetic that’s reflected in other areas of your home. At Simplinteriors, one of the best Interior Design Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria, we teach our students how to select/combine colors and design styles that makes a bedroom beautiful and relaxing.

Here are some savvy rooms decorating ideas to help you create a bedroom space that may be big or small in square footage, but is big in style.

Choose Subtle Color

Instead of bold primary colors, choose soothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones. Remember color theory: hues of blue, lavender, or green are considered calm and serene. Rich jewel-toned hues set the mood of coziness and comfort. These might include toasty browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz. Use toned-down versions of your favorite colors in the bedroom. That might mean choosing mauve instead of eggplant, or pumpkin instead of tangerine. Are the color terms confusing? Why not come over to Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship to enroll in our interior design class and learn more about colors.

Keep the Bedroom Simple

A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated, and elegant, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. For ease of movement, leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, like tables and dressers. If you have to walk around the bed to get from the closest to the bathroom, think of how you can move the bed.

Furnish your bedroom with only what you need. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and a chair are necessities. Anything else is clutter. If you have room, place a chest of drawers in the closet.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Choose a beautiful piece of artwork, arrange some family photos, add flowers and candles, and leave it alone.

 Choose the Right Size Furniture

When you are ready to buy bedroom furniture, start with a floor plan and a measured drawing of the space. Furniture should fit the room it lives and this is particularly true for bedroom furniture. Don’t choose a heavy, large bed and dresser for a small bedroom. If the ceiling is high, a tall headboard will help to visibly bring it down to size.

If your bedroom is large, choose furniture that fits it, too. Add chair and ottoman or place a piece of furniture at the end of the bed. Furniture and accessories that are too small will look lost in a large room. Need a professional to help you out with quality bedroom furniture? Then contact the Apostle of handmade furniture ‘Mrs Joy Offili-Yebovi, CEO Simplinteriors’.

Include Several Lighting Options

In a bedroom, it’s good to “layer” your lighting throughout the room. Ambient lighting light the whole room, small lamps can focus light for reading and other activities, and accent light helps to wash the walls in soft illumination.

To focus reading light where you need it, use a bedside lamp with a movable arm. Each light should be adjustable with a dimmer. Install a separate on/off switch for each light so that you can be selective and light only the area you want.

Indulge in Luxurious Linens

Outfit your bedroom with beautiful and luxurious fabrics. There’s nothing that adds comfort to a bedroom like beautiful linens. Don’t buy sheets that are less than 100 percent cotton or linen with high thread counts of 350 or more. For sheets that feel like they came from a 5-star hotel, send them to the dry cleaner for professional washing and pressing, which doesn’t cost much, but creates a crisp smoothness worthy of the Ritz.

Cover the Windows

A beautifully dressed window will help to frame the window and the view and provide other ways to add color, pattern, texture, and softness to a bedroom. If you love soft sheer curtains that filter light, combine opaque roller blinds that can be pulled down to maintain privacy at night and to block morning light.

For all draperies, include opaque blinds or drapery lining to keep out the sun when you want to sleep late.

 Let Your Bedroom Be a Real Getaway

Try to discipline yourself to keep your cell phone, computer, television, exercise machine, or blackberry out of the bedroom. Create a cherished place to relax and renew. You will love having a room dedicated to reading, sleeping, and romance.

A bedroom should be a personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your favorite colors, feelings, and collections, if your bedroom isn’t reflecting all of these then you need to call us today at Simplinteriors and décor to work on your bedroom so we can decorate and do it the Simplinteriors way. You can find us at no 27, Akerele road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, or reach us on 08123020337, 09090008527.

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