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As one of Nigeria’s Top Professional Interior Designer, I have come to realize in my many years of working with clients and training upcoming Interior Designers at my Interior Design School, Simplinteriors School Of Interior Design And Entrepreneurship that our homes subconsciously (or consciously) communicate what we love and appreciate through our belongings. This is true, especially when it comes to the accessories we choose when furnishing the Interiors of our spaces. In my opinion, wall art, antiques, souvenirs, heirlooms, and photographs are just some of the items that are often used to share memories and untold stories. Also, it makes the design of a space more interesting and personal.

Accessories in Interior design and decoration are aesthetics (decorative items) or functional items that add the finishing touches to a chosen home style. Interior decorations always involve accessories as they are the icing to your cake, can you imagine a cake without icing or a gift without wrap, boring right? That’s how a space without accessories looks like. When I teach this to my students, I ensure they grab the scope of using appropriate items that gives a space its final definitive look. As such, Simplinteriors school of interior Design and Entrepreneurship Students are well trained and taught the skillful art of using accessories when designing Interior Spaces which makes us the best interior design school in Lagos.

The art of selecting interior design accessories is all about making the right impression and also tells how people want to be seen as individuals or as a family. Interior design projects are always phenomenal if you add the best accessories and change it and give the space a luxurious feel and look. When conducting Interior Designer’s training, to ensure they are professional interior designer at the end of their study, it is important to not only teach them on a surface level especially accessories selection, I for one go further to expose them to the types of accessories that should be allowed in the living room, sitting room, bed room, dining room and so much more. I also asked them various questions as to which are better placed in a space, use for a design style and so on. This is to ensure they get the scope of accessories usage in-depth. When you design a room you try to see through your clients lens in order to design to suite their expectation and also to exceed them.

Simplinteriors and décor ensures accessories use for a space is planned from the onset of a project. This is one of the secret that made us the top Interior design company in lagos, Nigeria. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to plan accessories while making the budget for designing a home, accessories shouldn’t be side thought it is an important part of interior designing. Also in an Interior Decoration shop or furniture show room display of exotic accessories with furniture is important. This is because furniture in itself is not complete, accessories brings out the beauty in them.

Let’s dive into the Accessories needed to spice up your spaces ARE YOU READY??!!!

They include;

Art Works + Picture Frame

I always tell my client that there is  a special attention that art pieces and Picture frame gets that causes individuals to just give it their full focus anywhere it is placed. Art pieces can be used in a beautifully designed space to tell a story, input flows, make a focal point, add life, bring a bold statement or an element into the room or just be the link between your several elements in the space. They also bring a sense of color, texture, lines etc. This makes Home décor interesting and relaxing. It is a charming addition to your space.

The arrangement of wall art often based on personal style. One of the most common layouts for wall decor is the equidistant layout, which gives the artwork an equal amount of space between their borders. When it comes to Professional Interior Design   it is all about being artistic, hence when trying out wall pieces, you can be unique, and carefully arrange items in a random fashion to create an eclectic art wall while ensuring the wall space used is minimize and not making the room feel choked.

On your quest to becoming one of the best interior designers, you have to understand that it is important to learn from the Best interior design schools in Lagos, that’s exposes you to the in-depth knowledge on how to pick Art works and picture frames that gives your space that extraordinary touch that you desire to achieve. Learning or reading does not give you a full scope of what interior is about. Practical and site training is important also. We give you our student this full package. Their learning is theoretical and also practical.


The next item is Memorabilia. As a professional interior designer, adding memorabilia in a way brings back the feelings from past event or experiences. This on the other hand fills the home with so much joy and a sense of unity and oneness. Usually memorabilia are objects kept or collected because of their associations with memorable people or events. It can be a souvenir, an award, a family photo etc. An Interior Decorator must find an important memorabilia to grace the living room of a client. As a Renowned Interior Design School in Lagos, Nigeria, our Students are soundly taught about putting clients in the fore front of their mind. My Interior Design Students know that representing clients’ personality in their space is key to reaching their heart and getting their clients satisfied.


Moving on our next item is rugs. Yea; you read right, rugs are very important accessories and one that must be found in every home. My Students can’t miss this, as they know the essence of rugs in any space.  Also at Simplinteriors and décor, Nigeria’s Top Best Interior Design Company, our clients can testify to the fact that we provide them the best soft cozy rug ever from the varieties of rugs available for sale!

There are still several other accessories to make your living space Fabulous. Check out our next blog post to learn about them.

Don’t forget, if you need an interior design company, Simplinteriors and Décor is your go to place here in Nigeria, we are the best in the Interior Design field in Lagos and also, if you want to learn lucrative business of Interior Design, we got the best school for you, Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship. We guarantee you that you will get the best training you need and ensure that you excel in the Interior Design field- For more information, contact us on 09090008725 and 08123020337 or visit us at 71, Falolu Street, off Akerele, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also visit our show room at 27 Akerele, Surulere, Lagos or at 7 Taiye Olowu, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

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