Ways COVID-19 Is Changing The Future Interior Design

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Over my thirteen years of being a Professional Interior Designer in Lagos- Nigeria, I understand how innovation and major events have affected the changing trends of designing spaces. Spaces are design with underlying factors which includes: Safety, Comfort and Functionality.    .

However with the advent of Corona virus, Safety has become the priority of every individual nationally and globally. Individuals, companies, Organizations are looking for better ways to ensure the safety of their Families, Loved ones, Business environment ,companies etc. Whenever I teach my student at Simplinteriors school of interior design and Entrepreneurship ,I keep my students informed and aware of this fact “Interior design will always reflect the reality of a world that has been forever changed by the corona virus, by incorporating cleanliness and materials to help to mitigate the spread of disease, floor plans that provide separate spaces for home-bound activities, and a focus on personal well-being”.This is a new trend that needs to be learnt from the Top interior design school in Lagos –Nigeria.

Individuals will result to spending more time at home which means the environment has to redesign to serve safety for families and friends, Comfort and Functionality for those working from home. At Simplinteriors School of interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is one of the Top interior decoration schools in Lagos, I ensure to teach my student the essence of understanding the trends that has evolved as a result of Covid -19. Now Individuals are redesigning their spaces to help serve better purposes.

As an Interior Designer in Lagos- Nigeria I understand that COVID- 19 has affected many business and Industries nationally and globally, hence interior design is not Left out. This means the Materials being used before the spread of the various and how spaces are being design will be altered to promote comfort. This means the more time we spend indoors automatically translates to how our individual spaces can affect our Level of productivity. Henceforth homes, commercial and public spaces will be designed with new awareness of personal safety concerns. For interested individuals who are interested in Interior decoration and want to learn from the Top interior Decoration School in Lagos –Nigeria, these are some of the changing trends that you must look out for:

 1 Public space will include universal clues for comfortable social barriers: The personal bubble will start to increase. “Public interior spaces will include universal cues to assist in creating comfortable social barriers without being distracting, obvious or non-approachable. Products will be farther apart, people will not have to crowd together in order to see something.” Public Space will be forced to put a space between each other and the outside world to curtail the spread of the virus. Separate space and rooms designated for different activities, and to help give families some breathing room, will become more and more important in design a home.

2 A sense of security and calm: In designing spaces, a sense of security and calm with definitely be present in interior designs. As a Professional interior designer in Lagos, I understand the world is full of uncertainties hence the need to have a space that gives the feel of an escape from the rest of the world. A space with soft colors, chilling or relaxing vibes, and soft and cozy materials .This will definitely be a prerequisite in interior design. So it will continue to be important to create environments that stimulate our senses in a good way, improve relaxation, and also have health and wellness benefits to the people using them.

3 Virtual and physical environments will be combined.

Moving on, one other new trend will be combining virtual and physical environments. There are primarily physical environments and virtual spaces. Due to the increase in the use of Video conferencing, people are beginning to see the need of redesigning their spaces to be able to present them and promote how they are perceived. This is as a result of the impact of the pandemic which has created a new mode of operation “Working from Home”. This means spaces will be designed with that concept in mind.  I also believe muffled or reverberating sound, harsh or inadequate light will be considerations as we inhabit virtual spaces.


4   Offices in residences will no longer be an afterthought: Ok, this is how I believe this will work; there will be a steady increase for the need of offices in residences. Significant reconsideration will be on how interior decorators can create a beautiful, functional office at home, set up to accommodate full time satellite workplaces. The challenge here will be the fact that small spaces might not be able to accommodate spacious offices. However individuals with smaller spaces will have  a designated area with a nice background (bookcases, artwork) and good lighting ,a desk and chair  that can fit in for Zoom meetings and serve as a work station.

5 Adding Antibacterial Materials in Homes and Office:  As a safety cautious individual , If you’re doing your part and social distancing from inside your home, you may start to notice small details of your house or apartment you hadn’t thought about before – like how to help keep your home as clean as possible during the corona virus outbreak. There are few materials that we can use that are more sterile than others, and will be used even more in the future of design. This also applies to offices as the various as identified the need for offices to take extra measures to provide safe working environment for staffs.

At Simplinteriors School of interior design and entrepreneurship we invest in our student the right information and provide them with the right resources to enable thrive in the Interior design industry.




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