New Look To Your Old Home

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Generally the idea of having a house is the ability to give it a home feel for the family, however as we spend more time in our homes we get use to a particular setting and most times individuals randomly add new items to give or bring a new look to the old house. For me as a Professional Interior Designer in Lagos Nigeria it my passion to look at a space and apply my creativity to bringing life to that space because I derive joy in lighting up spaces. Today I will be sharing with you some important aspect of giving your home a new look .Ready? Let’ get started!!!

1.YOU NEED A PLAN: Ok this is it, when we talk about decorating your home you have to plan ahead. This what I mean, you don’t want to be using different things here and there, at the end of the day you will realize you have a lot of mismatched items which contradicts the color scheme or design of the room entirely. During my class at Simplinterior school of interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is Nigeria’s Top Interior Design School in Lagos, my students are familiar about the importance of coherence when it comes to colors scheme of a space. My point is you have to properly plan for giving your old home a new look.


2 .Clean Everything: Moving on the next step at Simplinteriors which is the Best interior design training school in Lagos Nigeria, I make my student understand that after planning on my list the next step is cleaning everything. The daily or weekly cleaning does not count when I am talking about cleaning everything. No matter how much time you spend each week cleaning and maintaining your home, there are probably a lot of areas that you don’t pay much attention to. Give the whole house a good, thorough and deep clean. This should give the space a fresh feel even before the decorating begins and you will be glad you did because it make your job a lot easier.


3.The Doors: Some individuals always neglect the doors when it comes to revamping space however I will advice you start with the doors. The door is the first point of contact with the house which is what ushers individuals into the home. A lot old homes have amazing doors and features like ornate cornices that many newer homes lack. This is a great idea which highlights the features of your home. You have to make the door stand out. This can be done by painting the external doors a bold color and adding glossy cornices to help them stand out. Compliment your internal doors by painting them a cool grey or other neutral shade. Learn more of how to do this and more by enrolling in the Top interior design training school in Lagos Nigeria.

4.Apply New Paint to the Walls: Next step will be the walls. This is one of the significant steps that entirely Offer instant refreshment to a dated room. In picking colors you will be required to choose a color that enhances your home’s current color scheme. Colors like neutral walls, such as creamy ivory, subtle gray, soft beige and almost white, offer a blank canvas to suit almost any decor. If the ceiling looks a little dingy, cover it in pristine white for the illusion of additional height. Paint over scuffed and dinged baseboards and trim in a hue that’s two or three shades lighter or darker than the wall color.

  1. Change the windows: For the windows endeavors to exchange archaic window treatments for white-painted or natural-toned wood blinds to energize the space with practical function and modern style. To give the window a cool feel you need to hang curtains in front of the blinds for a fashionable layered look.
  2. Replace carpets and rugs: If your home is carpeted throughout then you’ll want to give it a spruce either by replacing it for a truly new look or by getting it professionally cleaned. At Simplinteriors Interior Design Training school in Nigeria I am concerned about building professionals so the house should be cleaned professionally .This is going to be much cheaper, so if you’re on a tight budget for your decorating, this is the way to go. If you have wood floors and use rugs, you can also get them cleaned for a newer look.
  3. Shake Up the Furniture:As we all know ugly furniture can change the modern appeal out of a refurbished room. Give dreary wood pieces an overhaul with a fresh coat of white paint for a crisp, clean look, or choose black or brunette hues for a subdued modern facelift. At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is one of Nigeria’s Top Interior Design School in Lagos I teach my students on how vibrant paint color sunny yellow, lime green, juicy orange, turquoise blue adds a cheerful decorating “kick” to a weary piece. As an a Renowned Interior designer,I believe an old sofa or chair look new again with budget-friendly slipcovers and colorful toss pillows, or reupholster the pieces in a fresh fabric. As a  Professional Interior Designer in the making my students understands that your creativity to repurpose household items for a different function give a uniqueness as to what it was originally intended.

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