Difference Between Interior Designers And Artisans

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Have you ever wondered how you just walk into a space and you can acknowledge the professionalism and creativity put into setting up that space? Yes!!! That the kind of training we impact to simplinteriors students which is one of top Interior Design school in Lagos Nigeria. The ability to walk into an empty space or room and make it as visually compelling and satisfying, takes a whole lot of creativity and professionalism.

A lot of times as a professional Interior designer I’m asked this question, what is the difference between an Interior designer and an Artisan? Now in this post I will be stating the difference between the role of an Interior Designer and that of an Artisan.

Let’s start up with what is Interior Design? Interior design is a skilled way of improving and enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. In the Interior design training course, I make my student understand that an interior designer is a skillfully trained decorator who applies creativity in remodeling interiors by using the right color and design harmony. What I mean is, this is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession and it includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction, management, and execution of the design.

Artisan on the other hand is a Laborer who has been contracted by an interior designer or directly by the space owner to execute an interior installation project based on a needed design concept. So let me clarify this, an Interior Designer manages and coordinates a project, not necessarily executing installations. When a project kicks off there are Artisans who specialize in some of the Subsets of the Projects some of which Includes: POP installation, wall paper Installation, Flooring, Electricals to mention a few. At Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, I train Individuals who have passion for interior Design and want to understand what it takes to be a Professional Interior Designer. Below are some characteristics that differentiate an Interior Designer from an Artisan.

As a Renowned interior designer in Lagos Nigeria, I believe one striking difference between an Interior designer and an Artisan is knowledge (Information). An artisan is only concern about a particular aspect of the project contracted to him, while an Interior Designer has gone through the training of interior design and understands how to properly set up a space to give it a visual satisfying look.

At Simplinteriors School Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, I train my student to understand that an Interior Designer is much more concerned about bringing in creativity and professionalism to achieve Client/Customer Satisfaction. As a Interior Designer with over 12 years of experience I can tell you that growing an Interior Design Brand involves Quality, Loyalty and Trust. The moment you can earn the trust of your Client your brand will stand out. This can only be achieved if you have the right Artisans to bring a touch of professionalism into the Project.

For an Interior Designer, qualified and experienced Artisans are one of the most important aspect not to be left out. You can only avoid the mistake of choosing unprofessional Artisan when you are trained on how to professionally design a space taking comfort, security and functionality into consideration.

One thing I will not forget to mention is the fact that Artisans have no knowledge about color and design harmony but as an interior designer you are trained to understand how immediately you step into a space or a room you know the right design style and concept suited for that space.

Another important aspect of the difference between Artisans and Interior Designers is that Artisans needs more supervision, which is one of the role of an Interior designer. Artisan needs proper supervision on a project to ensure durability. A designer is in a good position to supervise an artisan to ensure the project meets up to specification. During my Interior Design training at Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, I train my student on how to properly work with Artisans.


They (Artisans) always go for Quantity over Quality hence the need for supervision. My students understand that as a Professional Interior Designer at every stage of a Project you must ensure to deliver quality when it comes to Interior Product usage and Interior Product sourcing. Artisans don’t have good customer relationship and can’t determine the taste of the client. An interior designer recommends and purchase products based on taste and functionality of a space.

Last but not the least is  the fact that some Artisans are unreliable, once they are paid a commitment fee  but an Interior designer is in a best position to control the flow of cash as they can source the product themselves and pay the artisan when he duly completes his duties. To learn more about Interior Design Enroll for the next session of the training  by visiting www.simplinteriors.com/school.

If you need help on planning your space, please contact us at Simplinteriors and décor and if you will like to get the best training on space planning contact Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, one of Nigerian’s renowned schools of interior design to help you. You can also visit our website at www.simplinteriors.com for more info.



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