How To Select The Best TV Design Unit for A Living Room

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As an interior designer, it is important to always make a client project visually satisfying to visitors and one of the major area where visitors are entertained is the living room, particularly the TV design section. Let me expose you to some of the factors to put into consideration when designing a Clients Project. Are you ready. Grab your pen and jotter and let’s dive in…


       A Tv Unit is an elegant piece of furniture on its own. A focal point of the living room décor .This area is where we mostly entertain our visitors, and where friends and family unwind ,interact especially for us in Lagos Nigeria, who loves to be Entertained so you wouldn’t want it to be poorly designed or boring. You can even get creative and infuse other accessories that can make it more exciting and fun. As a Facilitator in one of the top interior design schools in Lagos Nigeria, my students are aware that if this area of the living room is well designed, it enhances the viewing experience and It is important to go for a unit design that appeals to your sensibilities and fits a certain space.

       When it comes to TV unit designs in Interior Decoration as a whole we have witnessed a dramatic transformation especially in Nigeria as Interior designers are getting really creative as to how this section of the Living room cannot just house the Television set but also serve as a decorative section further amplifying the Interior Design of the space.

So I recently changed my Tv Unit and here are some of the things I will like you to take into consideration….

1.The Layout of the room: This is a very important factor to be considered before choosing the Tv Unit and you also want to consider the position of the Television within it. You should also note that if the size of the Tv set and the interior design style are not in sync with the layout of the room it will not achieve the aesthetical goal. Make sure you do not clutter the space with your choice of size, color, shape and also the depth of the unit. In designing your client space they want to know why and how things are done and as a Professional Interior Designer, it is your role to ensure all of these factors as regarding the layout of the room are carefully explained to your Client and also adhered to when executing the Project. This leads to the next factor FUNCTIONALITY. At Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is one of the Top Interior Design School in Lagos, we train our student to pay attention to every detail taking Safety, Comfort and Functionality into consideration.

2.Functionality: When making a choice on furniture as regard interior design, you also want to ensure it fulfils it functions. You are required to make provision for other accessories that comes with a Tv set which includes: Tv remote, Decoder and generally gadgets that completes and gives the Client a good viewing experience.

  1. Material and color: When it comes to Interior decor, a very important factor you want to consider when choosing materials for your interior design project is to ensure every piece of furniture must be of good quality. My student at the Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is one of the top Interior Design schools in Lagos Nigeria always ask, Mrs. Joy how do you combine materials and colors when designing a Tv Unit? I make them understand how important it is to ensure the unit matches the overall decor of the living room. Alternatively, you can choose the color or material of Designed Unit to match the color scheme or theme of the living room furniture. For modern TV unit designs, usually metal is used. However, the new trend is the Wooden TV furniture. has become quite popular, as they come in innovative styles and varied color options that look good and are available in a wide range of budgets.

Let me tell you a little secret I tell my students in my Interior Design Training school in Lagos, the truth is Clients are always overwhelmed with different ideas when trying to set up their spaces, often times they get tired reading tips, tricks and suggestions from various sources simultaneously trying to figure out what can work for their different spaces, that is when you come in and use your knowledge to lift the stress off them and smile to bank doing what you love.


These are just some of factors to be considered when choosing a Tv Unit, although you will come across many TV unit design ideas across different stores or on the Internet, the fact still remains that as an Intending or Professional Interior Designer, I recommend taking these factors into consideration to customise a design that is perfect for your Clients living room. You are meant to pay attention to detail in every aspect of the project as well as your future needs to come up with the ideal solution.

Want to Learn more?

Ultimately, when it comes to setting up space in any interior design project, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder; however, there’s a chance you are unknowingly ruining your clients room potential and that’s why we at Simplinteriors are here to groom you in our interior design training school or help you make the most out of your space to give it that perfect look. Get us to work on your Living room today so we can do it the Simplinteriors way. Contact us at Simplinteriors on or 081230220337 .You can also visit the office at 71, Falolu road off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.






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