The Importance Of Attending An Interior Design School

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If you have ever doubted the Importance of investing in an Interior design training to become a professional, then this post is for you. To start with, becoming an interior designer isn’t a profession you just wake up and decide to plunge into like most of us think… LoL. Take this from me I assure you It is waaaaaaay more than that and if you stick to this post to the end you will find out how I became a Professional. Are you ready!!!! Let’s gooooooooo.

Honestly Guys it requires having the right amount of knowledge and skills. Let me go further by saying to develop a career in interior design especially in Lagos -Nigeria you need the right tenacity and great level of acumen, hence the need to get the right kind of hands on training.

Interior designers are trained professionals hired to change the face or beautify the interior of a new or already existing home, building, hotel the list goes on….

So today we will be talking about Interior design school in Lagos Nigeria. Generally, before I ventured into Interior Design I have tried a lot of other things but trust me, I got to a point where I began to imagine myself in an office owning my business and doing what I love, that led to me searching deep into myself. The Question for me was “Joy what do you love doing without being told, what do find fulfilment doing” and that was how I identified my love for making my house look attractive, organizing pieces to just make it look above the ordinary. Guess what, that is what clothes me today, feed me and just help me live the life I have always wanted.

Now let get to the main point, after discovering what I wanted to be, I did not just become a Professional overnight, the truth is there is always a Learning curve that helps us as Individuals stay ahead in life, in this situation mine was taking the next step to becoming a professional Interior Designer. I resulted to learning how the Industry works generally and particular in Lagos –Nigeria, and that was how I started my journey. Today, I AM A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNER who does not only loves what she does but also finds fulfilment training Interested /prospective Interior Designer who also have a passion for Interior Design and also expose the lucrative nature of the INTERIOR DESIGN INDUSTRY. That is how Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship started. However, it is not about enrolling in an interior design school but registering in one that will immensely groom you in your career.

An interior design school is a creative hub for aspiring interior designers to connect and explore. Aspiring interior designers come together and exchange ideas, learn from each other and create new inventions. When you are part of an interior design school, you get to learn practical steps that are going to help you out in your craft and Simplinteriors is not an Exception…

Simplinteriors school of Interior design and entrepreneurship is One of the Top Interior Design School in Lagos Nigeria where Prospective Interior Designers are trained on the following courses: Interior Design, Business Management, Computer Aided Design and Event Planning. It is a Four in one training course design to build intending interior designers into Professionals. The overall aim of this course is to generate professional figures that are able to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects, In different specialist areas of Interiors. You are thought how to start up your business and how to grow it. The programme is divided into for 4 types; Full time Course, Partime course, Certification Course and the Online Course.


The Full time programme runs for a duration of Ten weeks (10 weeks). During this period student will be taking the four listed courses: Interior Design, Business Management, Computer Aided Design (3D Sketch up) and Event Planning and the days for classes are: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays respectively, 9am-2pm on each day.


The Part –Time programme runs for 13-Weeks (Saturdays Alone). All for listed course applicable to the full time Students are also taken by the Part time Student. Time for classes on Saturdays is between 10 am-4pm.


This particular programme runs for 4 weeks and students interested in this programme will be taking just two courses from the four listed courses: Interior and Business Management. They usually commence with the Full timers but they will not be attending the CAD class and Event Planning Class. Class Days: Tuesdays and Fridays (Only)

ONLINE COURSE: The Online course runs for a duration of 4 weeks. Courses to be offered in this programme are; CAD-Class, Interior Design and Business Management. Classes will be held via zoom on Wednesdays and Thursdays alone (11 am to 1pm)


Full time students and Partime students will be having a week examination after the training which is always held on the Last week of the Programme (Full time and Part time respectively).


After the completion of the training the students are required to go for a three-month Internship with any interior design company of their choice. Students are only required to submit the Name and Address of the desired Interior Design company and they will be issued a letter of Internship and an Appraisal form to be submitted to the stated company. After the three month training they will be required to submit the appraisal form back to the school, which is what makes up the total score.


A passion for Interior Design is Important because its spurs your creativity when it comes to designing and organizing spaces. One other important requirement also needed is a Laptop that has a mouse for the 3D sketch up class.

-Schools Handout (Interior design Handout, Business Management Hand out and Event Planning Handout)

-Helmet and Vest

-Marketing Magazine

For more information on how and where to get exclusive and extensive Interior Design Training, kindly visit one of the Top Interior Design School at Simplinteriors School Of Interior Design And Entrepreneurship @ 71 falolu street off akerele, surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Kindly check out our portfolio on You can also follow us on instagram, @simplinteriorsconsultants and our school @ simplinteriors_school.


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