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When you run a business one major concern is a steady revenue and Interior Design Industry in Nigeria is not excluded. In today’s Blog post I will be talking about Multiple Streams of Income for you as an Interior Designer. I know you will love this so just stick around because I am about to give you an Interior design training on how you can leverage on this lucrative Industry and build multiple streams of Income for yourself.

One fact about the Interior Design Industry is, there will always be times when your revenue recedes and as an Interior Designer how do you protect yourself in those periods, the only answer here is to diversify your income.

Now the question is How?

If you have been reading my post you will be aware of the fact that the Interior Design Industry is Lucrative and at the same time wide, by taking an Interior design course in any Interior Design school in Lagos you will be exposed to the required knowledge to thrive. This means you can niche down to one area or diversify your streams by picking from the few I will be spilling out now. Let’s go….

  1. SOURCE FOR INTERIOR ACCESSORIES AND SELL: Source online and also physical stores for accessories that are unique and create an Instagram page or Facebook page and sell them online. You can actually grow that to become a very big show room that can later involve importing from other countries as your business grows. One major factor here is to locate wholesalers, this gives you a better chance of making good money. Here you have to leverage on Social media audience and place Ads to drive traffic to your page, this will open you to numerous clients.
  2. MARKET YOURSELF AS A FURNITURE SELLER: At this point you have to source for good Furniture markers (Artisan Express can help you with this) and outsource your Clients orders to them. This has to do with some level of investment. My point here is, for you to verify a furniture maker as good you need to have seen his job to be able to guarantee his services. This a major challenge as we have a lot of furniture makers who does not really understand the importance of good finishing in the process of furniture making.

Your assignment here is to source for good furniture makers and make a set of furniture to confirm their uniqueness and go ahead to put out those job on your page so people can begin to patronize you. Yeah I know you are smiling at this point Lol. At this point don’t just read this and jot down also practice whatever I expose to you here, because trust me if it was not part of my streams I won’t tell you to give it a trial. Do you get me!!!

  1. SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS: About this particular area you must have established a brand presence as a Professional Interior Designer in Lagos and have a solid audience. Here all you have to do is sell your branded product. The truth is this will only fly if you have a solid audience or community who love your work. This means for you to be able to attract buyers they must have resonated with your job and liked it. They will only buy from you if they love what you do. Some of the Product you can brand to sell includes:
  • Duvet Supply – All you need to do here is to negotiate with a supplier and get quality materials and make Standard Duvets of high Quality. You can supply to hotels however it has to be of good quality.
  • Furniture Fabric – Work with a fabric Supplier that you get your fabrics from when making furniture for your interior design projects. Negotiate with them to sell their materials online. This will be profitable if you are good with Picking Quality Furniture Fabrics.
  • Artwork – Hire an artist to work exclusively for your business and sell their bespoke art (or reproductions) through your online shop.
  1. HELP INTERIOR DESIGNERS WITH 3D SKETCH UP DESIGN: Here a lot of Interior designers do not have as much as time on their hands to create 3d designs for their clients, so if you are very good in this, you can actually render the service to them for a reasonable amount. Students of Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship enjoy this training so much we had to dedicate a full day for it lol.

In conclusion these are just a tip of what you will learn when you sign up at Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship which is the top Interior design school in Lagos. The Interior Design Industry in Nigeria is a wide one and sincerely with the right Knowledge and practices you will become the most sort after Interior designer in Nigeria.

To learn more register for the just commenced session of Simplinteriors school of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship and start your journey to financial freedom….



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