5 Things You Should Know About Becoming an Interior Designer in Nigeria.

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With the increase of unethical interior designers in Lagos Nigeria, Interiors design schools have become a necessity for prospective interior designers, however to build up yourself as a professional in the field of interior design does not happen overnight. The right knowledge and skill will increase your chances of earning 7 figures in less than 3 months, which is why I will be exposing you to the 5 things you should know about becoming an Interior Designer in Nigeria. Here they are:

1.Know the difference between Interior decorators and designers: According to the enquiry made by various prospective interior designers, one of the most misunderstood concept is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior decorator. My answer to this is EDUCATION. Yes, it is education. A lot of prospective interior designers have neglected the importance of a formal education when it comes to becoming a professional Interior designer. I’ve seen some individuals who just enjoy playing with colors, fabrics, textiles and they decided to print business cards calling themselves professional Interior designers. This action most times, leads to the disappointment and failure. That is why I decided to set up a top interior design training school.

By taking courses in Interior design from my top interior design training school, you will be exposed to some of the necessary topics like; Interior Design Style, knowing your Color, The Role of Color, Element of Design and Home Décor and much more. These are just few of the topics that you need to understand in other to become professional Interior Designer.

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2.You must have a natural passion and ability: Like I always say, Interior design is innovative and as a professional there is a need to infuse your creativity as trends evolve over time. This means you must have a natural passion for reorganizing or making spaces feel more aesthetically pleasing.

To become a Professional Interior Designer, you must have a flair for color, spatial arrangements textiles to mention a few. So the Questions you should ask yourself at this point is; do you enjoy decorating your home and get lots of compliments on your decor? That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be an interior designer, but it’s certainly a good sign. So get the training.

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3.Interior Design is not all Fun and Fabric: A lot of Individual or let me say prospective Interior designers make the mistake of thinking furniture, fabric and accessories are all it takes to give a unique look to a space, I strongly disagree. While all these contribute to the result of any interior design project to a large extent there are a lot of many other things that are required to execute a neatly and visually appealing Interior design Project.

Interior designers work with quite a number of people, they work with Artisans, Architects, business owners, real estate agent, Top furniture company etc. They are also required to understand the business aspect of the Industry, CAD (Computer Aided Design) aspect so as to give a pictorial representation of what they intend achieving for their client and much more. This only means you require good knowledge on how the industry works and how you can scale the business even with the rise of competition. You can only achieve all this with the right knowledge at your disposal. Interior design goes beyond matching colors and picking of nice accessories, you need to understand the principles of designing a space.

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  1. You must be a people’s person: Interior Design involves working with a lot of people. From my experience you are always working with individuals- from working with your Clients to working with Artisans, or having meetings with business owners, Real estate Agents or your vendors and the list is endless. You can’t afford not to be a peoples’ person. I had to learn on the job on how to relate and achieve results working with people. If you are not a people’s person, I will suggest you start learning how to relate with people because trust me in this Interior Design Industry you are meant to meet with quite a number of clients constantly and you want to know how to manage them in order to achieve your Interior Design Goals. One important aspect that I won’t leave out concerning being a people’s person you must have Good listening skills because your job is to take those brief from your client and bring their desires to life.
  2. You must learn to be Flexible: Now let’s end with this, while some Clients are clear on what they want; some also think they know what they want only for changes to start coming in from clients at the end of the project. As Interior Designer in Lagos Nigeria who have taken Professional Courses in Interior Design you should know how to fix this. A successful interior designer is a sociable, people pleaser, and a mitigator — someone who can steer clients toward favorable outcomes while making them feel they are in full control of the design choices.

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