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Interior design can be so much fun, however, you can come across difficult clients. As a professional interior designer, you need to understand how to properly relate with such clients. In today’s blog post I will be sharing how to handle difficult clients in the interior design business. It will be great if every client understands your business and needs no further explanation, but we definitely cannot say that when it comes to interior design.


As a professional interior designer in Lagos Nigeria, I was once at the beginner’s stage. I’ve had my share of difficult customers. One thing you should always have at the back of your mind is it is not impossible to deal with difficult clients. In dealing with difficult clients, your goal is to build a healthy relationship. You only need to engage them differently. Below are some of the strategies I used and believe can be helpful to you:


  1. Frequent communication: As the CEO of a top Interior Design Training School in Lagos, I can say for a fact that clients have their own vision of how they want their space to look, but in reality, that vision may not pan out the way they want. It is important for interior designers to constantly communicate with clients. When it comes to home décor, providing a room-by-room walk through helps difficult customers understand what is happening behind the scene. It opens their eyes to matters they didn’t understand to better comprehend why there are issues and delays. If money seems to be at the root of any argument, start to recommend budget-friendly fixtures and fabrics. When working with clients with drastically different tastes, use your expertise as a professional interior designer to balance the communication. You can do this by asking informational questions and then listen attentively. Think of yourself as collecting data while learning what is really at the core of the conflict.


  1. Visuals always work: Handling a difficult client can’t be a walk in the park, however visuals go a long way in helping your client understand the home decor. Some clients need visuals to get a clearer picture and spark your proposed ideas to life in their heads. At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, our students are taught how to give a pictorial representation of what they intend to achieve to their clients, and this helps in building a good client and interior designer relationship.


  1. It is just a business: Let’s bring it home to Nigeria. Sincerely speaking, I know the excitement handling a project and getting paid. However you need to understand that it is just business, so do not take difficult clients actions personal. Keep your ego out of it, you will always feel like defending or explaining yourself. Instead stick to the facts and focus on using a soft or calming tone. You don’t need to win—you just need to get the job done successfully and get paid.

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