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You see in Interior design and decoration in Nigeria, before now, our kitchens almost have the same design style, but the beautiful thing now is interior designers are beginning to get creative and are already executing recent trends in interior design to give their kitchen spaces a little more luxurious look by adding accessories while taking functionality into consideration. I will be stating how you should go about picking light for your kitchen.

1.Evaluate Your Kitchen:  Here the first thing you need to do before purchasing and fixing any light in your kitchen is to evaluate your kitchen first. What I mean is you must determine the feel and look you want and don’t forget this has to be done at the very beginning of the project. At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, which is one of the top Interior Design School in Lagos, Nigeria, my students understand how determining this at an early stage will give you an easy choice of setting the perfect lighting

One of my favorite light is the Pendant lights. It has the ability to change the look of the kitchen. Fact is, interior design is intertwining hence every little piece has to be taking into consideration, this automatically means if you want pendant lights in your kitchen, you have to make them the central point to design your kitchen. Well in this particular scenario, it means you need to select the right tiles, flooring, the texture of the cupboards, the color, and in the end, perfect lighting to set the right tone and mood for your kitchen. Once you have designed your kitchen, it is time to select the right pendant lighting. However, before finding lights for your kitchen, you must have determined the following: size and shape of light, color of the pendant lights and globes brightness. Let’s talk a little more on these three:

2.Shape and Size of the Pendant: Like I said earlier when it comes to being a Professional Interior Designer, every little detail matters. These lights come in different sizes and shapes hence you must consider the size of the space and the function of the light before you make a choice. Keep in mind your job here is to make sure every piece in that kitchen is complimenting each other. As easy at this may look, my friend, without good knowledge on how to pick the appropriate lights in a kitchen, it can alter your design. Don’t just pick anyone; pay attention to all the other factors in the kitchen. This means the shape and size of the pendant lights will depend on where you need them. If you have a large kitchen island, two large pendant lights over it would be perfect. However, for under cabinet lighting, a smaller version will work, and you may need more than two pendant lights.

  1. Color of the Pendant Lights: This takes us back to the color scheme you choose for the kitchen because this determine the light color to a greater percentage. If your kitchen has neutral tones, a splash of color will uplift the layout of the dining area. The pendant lighting will help make a bold style statement while adding functionality. You need to find a color that simply blends in with the kitchen décor so as to achieve an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.
  2. Globes Brightness: By now you know interior design is about giving a home that aesthetically pleasing look, but that does not mean you will over use different elements. It means you have to understand the function of each element. For the globe brightness, you need to determine the brightness level your kitchen requires. An easy way to get around this is to purchase a pendant lighting that has a globe with a temperature of at least 3,000k. Other than this, add dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness when you have guests over and when it is just you cooking something.

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