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Everybody loves a nicely designed home; a home they can show off to their visitors and friends while spending quality time together. However, there is a general misconception about who should hire an interior design and the frequent question I get is “is interior design for the wealthy alone?”


When we are talking about the wealthy individuals like Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote and Linda Ikeji; we are talking about individuals who wants their spaces to reflects their status in the society. This means they understand class, luxury, comfort and wouldn’t mind going over their budget to endeavor their home décor are designed to define their individual personalities. Does this mean interior design is for the wealthy alone? My answer is “No”.


Interior design on the other hand is all about making a space look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is more like designing a space above the ordinary. Although we have interior design styles that doesn’t need you as a professional interior designer in lagos to do too much, but your designs should stand out. As a professional interior designer in Lagos, Nigeria at the core of every of my interior design project are these three concepts: Comfort, Safety and Functionality.


Generally, individuals always want to feel comfortable in their spaces be it a residential or a commercial environment. Nobody wants to be stressed. My question now is, do you need to be wealthy to experience comfort in your space or do you need to be wealthy to desire security when navigating your space? The answer is “no”.


As an interior designer, you should be able to work within your client’s budget. That does not mean getting sub-standard materials for the project. Working within your client’s budget simply means reaching an agreement with your client based on his budget. In conclusion, interior design is not for the wealthy alone, it is for everyone who desires comfort, security and functionality of their spaces. Whether you stay in a studio apartment or you live in a mansion, you need an interior designer to help you place your space.


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