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 When I first started out on the career path to be a professional interior designer in Nigeria, a lot of discouragement came with my decision (I look back at those times today and all I can do is laugh). I often hear statements like, why are you going into interior design? are you sure you can make a living with that? Are you sure interior designers are paid well especially in this path of our world? But with my level of success today, I think the answers speaks for itself. Today I will be answering the question how much does interior designers earn in Nigeria.



First there is a beauty about earning a living and there is another level of satisfaction that comes with earning a living doing what you love. The decision to become a professional interior designer and a facilitator of Simplinteriors, the top interior design school in Nigeria is one of the best decisions I have made in my life and training prospective interior designers at Simplinteriors to understand the lucrative business of interior design always gives me joy and I look forward to every class because this is my way of giving back to the society. So, let’s dive into it.

The job of an Interior designer can be summed up in these three words: Aesthetics, Comfort and Functionality. As an Interior designer the question now is how much do I make designing spaces for my client.


To answer this question, I will say this largely depends on a lot of factors some of which include your level of knowledge, expertise and experience in the Interior design Industry. When I first started out it was not as easy because we were not fully into the online marketing system. As a go getter that I am, I asked myself then how do you intend to market this service to your target audience and earn a living? I started with foot marketing and word of mouth and trust me you guys are really privilege now because as a professional interior designer  you have a wide range of audience at your finger tips. With the right knowledge and business management skills you will be exposed to that in my Interior training course you will be on your way to becoming the mot sort after Interior Designer in Nigeria.

A lot of individuals have the passion but don’t have the drive to pursue the goal  because of a limiting idea that Interior designers don’t earn much, but with my years of experience, I can say for a fact from one project a professional Interior designer can earn up to 4 million naira, YES! Like I said earlier it depends largely on your experience and expertise in the Interior design field. Essentially, you can dictate your rate of pay by gaining as much professional training  at Simplinteriors, exposure and experience. Someone with education in the fields of architecture, building codes/laws and structural design will more likely become financially successful than those who just have an Idea of it. The same goes for Interior Designing, you need a formal training on interior design to understand the concepts, element and professionalism required to increase your earning capacity. Though you can also explore the multiple streams of income in this industry, that why you should not miss this opportunity to learn from the top interior design school in Lagos.

In conclusion the Interior design Industry is packed with a lot of opportunities and I can’t wait to walk you through the path to becoming a highly paid Interior Design.  To start your interior design journey, click here to register.

For more information visit or visit  the training centre at 71 Falolu street of Akerele surulere lagos.

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