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Growing up as a child, I never imagined that I would be designing homes for a living because my parents wanted me to choose between being a doctor, lawyer or an accountant. I eventually accepted to be a lawyer to fulfill. I guess her wish didn’t come to pass. Like me there are lots of individuals who are still skeptical about choosing a career path. Some are confused because the digital age has come to make some careers obsolete. However, interior design is on the other side; it is a business of now and that of the future. Here are few reasons why interior design will always remain relevant in the future:

Render of 3D contemporary Living Room Interior and modern furniture

Humans will always remain: As a professional and the CEO of the top Interior Design School in Lagos, Nigeria, Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, I can categorically say that, as long as there is population growth and houses are built, there will always be need for interior design. There will be need to introduce better designs. Yes, there are better ways of designing homes that also involve using digital products to achieve them. Interior design on its own involves humanity. The reason why as professional interior designers, we do what we do is for humanity. One beautiful tenets of the interior design industry in general is that it moves with time. As the world evolves, we begin to identify better ways that we can design space to better serve our prospective clients taking comfort, safety, aesthetics and functionality into consideration.

Interior design is an innovative field: Another significant aspect I will urge all prospective interior designers about is to move as fast as the world is moving because the trends and innovations in this industry is not constant. That is why it is important for every interior design student need to be engrossed in research. With research, you will always be updated about what is new in the interior design industry and be informed too. This will aid your relevance and also place you ahead of other players in the industry. You have to always move with the trends, get creative and constantly research ways to improve yourself. It doesn’t end with the certification in interior design. No! Have the innate desire to always be at the top. You have me to walk you through the path of becoming a highly paid interior designer. All you need to do is click here to register.

As a top Interior designer in Lagos your take home from this post are as follows; Designs will be increasingly digital, Social Media will mean Business, Originality will be more important than ever and the truth is there will always be a design solution for everyone, every budget category. In conclusion I cannot overemphasize the relevance of interior design industry in the future though in 2016 during the IDAN yearly exhibition the Secretary general and founder Titi Agofure stated and I quote “At this stage, we have no schools for interior design in the whole of Nigeria” which is why to advance this Industry  Simplinteriors school of Interior design and entrepreneurship which is one of the top Interior design school in Lagos is bridging this Gap by offering the opportunity to prospective interior designers to register at Simplinteriors and explore and also advance the Interior design Industry in Nigeria.

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