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As a professional interior designer with several years experience, I can tell you that the moment you are able to earn your clients’ trust, you have hit a milestone in the process of securing that interior design project. I recently had this conversation with a fellow interior designer who was finding it hard to get her clients to trust her, and I shared some solutions with her and I just thought to share it here too.


One of the questions she asked was, “how do I get my client to stop sourcing for materials themselves?” My response was I don’t restrict my clients, I only advise them to discuss their findings with me so I can adequately educate them if it is a right fit for their project or not. This action on its own has a way of increasing the clients trust in my services. Let’s dive into what you need to do as an interior designer to build trust with your clients


1.Project Confidence: As a professional interior designer, at every point of communication, you need to always be sure of what you say. When communicating with your prospective client, project some level of confidence. Be sure that whatever you will be saying is the best solution to the desired expectation of the client. Whenever you notice your client seems lost use case studies to project what you intend communicating. This helps in effective communication between you and your clients. This also proves that you are reliable.

  1. Be clear with expectations and transparent with budget: The truth is, when clients decide to employ you as a professional interior designer, the expectation on their minds is that you should be able to deliver a very good job on their proposed budget. In this situation, you have to be very clear on their expectations. Give them options that are affordable. This shows that you have their best interest at heart.


  1. Be a good educator: Some clients know what they want while others expect you as a top interior designer to guide their decision-making process with good and professional suggestions. Your job here is to make sure you educate your clients from a professional standpoint. Provide them with options if you think a particular area needs more emphasis. Remember they assume you know.


4. Include your client in the interior design process: This is a major mistake some interior designers make, they make decisions on behalf of their clients. This has a way of making them feel you are imposing your ideas on them, you will not earn their trust this way. Involve your client in the interior design process, at every point of the project carry them along so as to make sure they are validating all of the design choices. The point here is to make them feel comfortable with you handling their homes which can lead to more referrals.

In conclusion as you will be presenting several options, you will be presenting different ideas and styles to your clients so they can then decide. For more knowledge on interior design, register with Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship.

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