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Designing a space for beginners in interior design can be quite some fun. However it can be challenging when you are not experienced in designing small spaces. Another misconception by interior designers in Nigeria is that interior designers are not needed when it comes to designing small spaces. I will start by correcting that notion.

First, a client can contact you to design his or her space no matter the size or location. Your professionalism, as a top interior designer, is what will stand you out. So, an interior design can be hired to design both small and big spaces. However, today, I will focus on tips that can come handy when designing small bedrooms.


Bedrooms, especially when they are small, aren’t typically on public display, their designs are often overlooked as we are busy renovating our kitchens and sprucing up our living room. Here are 4 tips that can guide you when designing small bedrooms.


  1. AVOID GALLERY WALL: A gallery wallis a curated display of photographs, posters, memorable places, happy events, or another mix that means something to you. They are always beautiful to have, but you are going to have exception to having that when you have a small space to work with. My advice here is to opt for a stand-alone piece out of this gallery or pictures and use it as a focal point just above the bed. This will give the room a more spacious feel and also serve as a centre of attraction at the same time.


Small bedroom interior with king size, mirror, and black and white photos on the wall


2.  SIDE TABLES: We all know how essential side tables are in our bedrooms. However with the limited space factor, as a professional interior designer, you have to infuse creativity on how you can still have a side table that won’t consume space. My advice is to create a side table attached to the wall. Mind you, the size of the table is of utmost importance. This means, you are to make sure that the size of the table is functional and also decorative at the same time.

  1. FURNITURE CHOICE: This can be very tricky especially when you have a small space. Always go for dual purpose furniture. The bed is your best asset at your disposal. When getting a bed, it is important that you get a bed that can serve dual purposes. This means it will originally serve as a bed and also for storage. You can get a bed that has inbuilt storage or better still choose a high raised bed that will enable all of your bigger items to go underneath your bed. You can protect the exposure of those items under the bed by using longer bed duvet.
    Space Problem In Bedroom Interior, 3d generated image


4.LIGHTING: This is often overlooked when considering home design. Don’t let poor lighting ruin your decor. Use multiple sources to light your room. Lighting affects the ambiance of a space, and scattering lamps throughout the room can give it a more open feeling.

While an overhead light will fill the room, consider lighting each quadrant of your bedroom with different light sources to brighten and open up your space.

To give your bedroom a more tranquil mood, dim your lights. This will help your bedroom feel more relaxing and comfortable, even if you don’t have much space. To soften your light sources, consider lamp shades, candles, or even coloured light bulbs. With a simple strategy for colouring, decorating, and arranging your small bedroom, you can transform it into a master suite. Try out these home design tips, and enjoy your new and improved bedroom.

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