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I enjoy working with Wallpaper and there is no denying the many returns this aesthetic piece brings to your home design. The ease, speed, and neatness of application plus the longevity and durability it gives your walls, compared to the hours of painting, coating over and over again, and having to leave it for days to dry.


That being said one may not be able to get off painting in interior design and as a top Interior designer in Nigeria, I’ll seize every opportunity to use wallpapers. If you are like me with an interest in using wallpapers in interior designing, here are 5 creative ways to use wallpapers in your space.


FRAMES: Wallpaper frames serve dual Décor purposes. They serve as wall covering and accessories. Wallpaper can be framed with or without the glass and hung up in strategic areas of your home or office.


TRIMMINGS AND MOULDINGS: moldings are done with POP materials, you can mold any design or shape of your choice and place your wallpaper in it. You can also try trims. Trims come in self-adhesive designs and other types are installed with bond glue or gum. place them in the right spots or a frame-like design then place your wallpaper just right in.


STAIRS: switch up your staircase from 0 to 100 with beautiful wallpapers. Wallpapers will have a visual impact on the stairs and make them look elegant. It will also emphasize the length of the staircase and each stair.

FURNITURE: when you have that piece of furniture that you haven’t used for long but has begun to crack or scratch or a piece of furniture you love to keep cover them with wallpaper to give it a more aesthetic look and to hide the marks or scratches giving it a long time of use.

INNER SHELVES: place wallpaper inside your bookshelves and give it a different look making it look like a centerpiece.

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