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I’m so excited to share this with you because over time, I have developed the passion of guiding people in the business of interior design hence the reason why I stared Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, the foremost training school in Nigeria, to share my knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years and contributed to the interior design industry in Nigeria. This post is an excerpt from one of my publications for renowned interior designers in Nigeria where I highlighted the 7 steps on how to market your interior design business in Nigeria.


Step 1- Create your niche: It is important to start out with a signature touch for your brand. At all cost, avoid imitation or being a copycat. Be willing to learn and grow through the process, but let the end goal be that when you finish handling a project someone can look at it and say this project belong to you or has your signature on it.


Step 2 – How much money do you want to make: First know this, for every service or good, there is someone willing to sell for lower and another willing to buy it higher. This knowledge will help you develop your profit plan, business model and identify your target audience (middle class and upper class).


Step 3 – Uncover and connect your story to your client’s story and need: When you uncover your client’s story and connect that to your passion as an Interior Designer, you will be better equipped to bring to reality your client’s ideas without losing your personal touch.


Step 4 – More than just website: A website is not just a business accessory, it is an awesome tool and portfolio that can lead to great conversion, traffic and leads if you maximize it. Make your website stalk worthy to your dream clients by thinking how your dream clients would think and putting what they will love to see in their face.



Step 5 – Time management is Key: This might sound more of a personal than business advise, but its key and cannot be over emphasised in the business of interior design and interior decoration. Master your time by batching tasks and allocating time frame to each task. This will boost your productivity.


Step 6 -You are the brand: You are the brand. You are the brand. I cannot say this enough. The logo is not the brand, you are. So, don’t hide behind the logo. People will do business with you not the logo. Pair your brand with your visual identity; it makes marketing your business easy as people will easily identify your area of expertise without difficulty.


Step 7- Market Yourself: You are your business first sales person so market yourself tactically and aggressively. Create a marketing strategy and run with it. Identify who your target customers are, and find out what tool will be best to bring your business to their faces, how to catch their attention and retain their interest. Carry this information at the back of your mind and carry the strategy out.


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