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Interior design is a passionate career for some people who discovered their career path early. It is a fulfilling job to take up; one that pays really well. However, in order to start taking up interior decoration gigs, you must first grasp the underlying basics of becoming a renowned interior designer in Nigeria. When you look to pursue an interior design career, remember that decoration and design are two different perspectives altogether. It is the design that emphasizes showcasing how beautiful homes should actually look.


New interior designers have a lot of opportunities and venturing into the field can be more than just design. It is a fraction of the job that you will do. To ensure that your designs are understood by the client, the most important aspect of your journey is about communicating. There is a scarcity of good interior designers that have the skills and the capability of building space while being able to envision the issues. However, to stand out with your design aesthetics it is ideal to learn the basics of running such projects.

Top concerns for interior designers: For you, an excellent interior designer is only the one whose end result will make the client happy. As the designer of the space where you are considering how to make each room functional. Ultimately, it is the finished ambiance that makes the maximum impact. Know that as an interior designer, your key concern should be to adhere to budgetary needs. But first, you must look into the requisite of every space. For interior design to become a creative aspect of your extended personality, you must treat every space as your own. Here’s how to do it.


Personalized spaces: Understand who will be using it and why. Is it a space for public usage or will it be private? Each of the rooms in the area must be livable to say the least. It must be usable as well as have an improved functionality meant for the activities in the space.


Finesse redefined: Ultimately the result should reflect personality, colors, and the beauty of creating a custom space. It should include the things of your liking so that finally you should love the outcome of it. When working with a client, the design should be appealing to the person using the space. That should be like the client saying “this is much better than I thought and I love it!” – Which means that the work is successful. The interior should appeal to most people as well. So in order to establish the end result of your design you could ask the client, your family, and friends to see whether they like the concept in the first place. Only then you should be satisfied with your creativity. The onlooker should be impressed by the interior design hobby effort that you put in.


Dream design: It is what represents the client’s impression of the space they want to design based upon how they intend to use the space. For instance, it could be personalized with color likes and dislikes. As an interior designer, your main aim should be to provide choices to the client so that they find their vision getting reflected in your work. That’s the actual dream design for a hobbyist and not the dream design that people of the industry think of. Remember, it is always crucial to ensure that the requisite of the space is in accordance. Once you’re sure about what it is meant to be, you can go ahead with focusing on the budget.


Economic perspective: The economy is always the last, but the primary concern for any interior designer. No, people do not want cheap furniture; they neither want you to quote exorbitant prices to them. With lesser-quality furnishing in the interior, the quality of the make and finish gets lost. Sizing and detailing also matter to get that perfect outcome of your design. But, again throwing away furniture is just like dispensable money – you neither get attached to it nor it works for you in the future. So, it is important to choose what a person really wants.


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