The Relevance of Computer Aided Design in Interior Design

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At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, one of the course we take our students is Computer Aided Design (CAD).  As a renowned interior designer in Lagos Nigeria, I use CADin my presentation when talking to clients. CAD is necessary for any interior designer who wants to stand out in the industry, and that is why we are teaching it at the best interior design training school. Here are the reasons why you need to know and use computer Aided Design as an interior designer.

Highly Time-Efficient: Perhaps the most crucial advantage CAD offers to interior design is its ability to get things done in the optimal time. Before now, need-to-know information had to be scanned and emailed to the personnel involved, and verifications sent in to ensure that authorized people were the ones who made additions and edits. Now, everything from briefing team members to authenticating revisions can be done using CAD.

Improved Visualization and Planning: In the past, a designer might have drawn the space or even built a scale model. The problem with these method is that they are time-consuming and often don’t allow clients to see what the space will actually look like upon completion. With CAD, interior designers can create an accurate space and change the design, allowing for 3D rendering and very precise viewings to improve their technique and ensure that they know the end result before starting the project.

Innovative Ideas: When building a scale model or drawing out the space, time and effort may be limiting factors. However, interior designers appreciate CAD since it gives them the freedom to dream. However, it is easier than ever to set this up and see how it looks or decorate it with a software program. Interior designers can create innovative ideas with these software programs and alter them as needed, allowing for creativity and freedom without taking up too much time.

Comprehensive Environmental Impact Simulations: These days, it is necessary to provide an environmental impact report for approval by the city planning board or other authoritative body. CAD makes this more accessible than ever using plug-in, built-in features, or entire specialized CAD programs to simulate environmental processes and the impact of the design on them.

Ease of Access: With the continued advancement of computers and content delivery, sharing and presenting CAD projects has become easier than ever before. Data streaming has reached a point where complex designs can be sent to a client for preliminary viewing instantaneously, with revisions according to client specifications able to be carried out in real-time as they watch. This makes for unprecedented coordination between the client and the designers.

Reduces Cost: The cost for an interior designer are usually pretty high. The most expensive part is the reworking cost. When a project doesn’t turn out as desired, the price ends up being significantly higher. However, regardless of who pays for the rework, designers make a smart move with CAD. Needless to say, with CAD, clients and designers know exactly what to expect, so the risk of dissatisfaction is practically non-existent.The cost-reducing benefits of CAD even extend to other aspects of the interior design process. CAD is one of the primary tools used to draft the designs for 3D printing projects. Thanks to its high degree of precision, an interior designer can draft a design for a highly accurate scale model and get it done at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional one.

Guarantees Client Satisfaction: All of the benefits that CAD provides work together to guarantee overall client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is vital in interior design. Using CAD enhances a designer’s natural ability to keep their clients happy. CAD accurately predicts interior design, setting clients up with a good idea of what they will be getting. Additionally, it’s easy to make changes, so you can tweak designs before starting projects. This allows clients to end up with the design they want without taking too much time.


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