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An interior designer is a professionally trained personnel skilled in the art of interior design, with knowledge of designs and decoration unlike an interior decorator that is skilled in the art of decoration alone. At Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, students who have gone through the basic training possess the understanding of people’s behaviour in their quest for creating a functional space within a building and also furnishing and adorning interior space with fashionable and beautiful things.

Finding a good interior designer in Lagos, Nigeria can be tiring, but it requires patience, time and a little bit of research. This is where we come in; Simplinteriors and décor alongside Simplinteriors School of interior design and Entrepreneurship have compiled this guide to show you how to find an interior designer that matches your budget and style.  As the saying goes “…Your interior environment reflects your style and ensures your comfortability…A good interior designer makes your interior environment and space safe, functional and beautiful by determining spaces requirements and selecting decorative items such as the types soled at Simplinteriors and décor.

As an interior designer, I would recommend the following steps in finding a good interior designer  in Nigeria such as myself ( if I might say…lol).


Be inspired

These days there are so many places to get design inspiration, and they can even lead to you connecting with interior designers that create inspiring spaces. At Simplinteriors for example, we provide for you varieties of designs by room type and style.


Know your Personal Style

Finding an interior designer is easier when you know what kind of design you want to accomplish. Take notes, make a list and create a collection of pictures that you wish to show your decorator after exploring. At Simplinteriors School of interior Design and Entrepreneurship, our students possess the skills to help you actualize the design you wish to accomplish.


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Create a budget

Before meeting with an interior designer, you should know exactly what you want to achieve, in what spaces, and how much you are willing to spend. You will want to choose a designer who can work with your budget.

Compare proposals

Interior designers can be found through online directories, or referrals. A great innovative interior designer is Simplinteriors. At Simplinteriors School of interior design and Entrepreneurship, we have a list of interior designers who can help you with your renovations.  Compose a list of designers you want to interviewand then schedule meetings with these interiordesigners. Ask the designers to describe their ideal design aesthetic, and assess which design appeals to you. Every designer has a portfolio of projects executed; looking through these examples of an interior designer’s work will give you a good idea of that designer’s personal style and versatility. Describe what you want to accomplish and ask how long it will take each decorator to complete the project. Find out the interior designer’s plans tasks, i.e. what type of work they would contract out, how often they will be checking in with you and what kind of checks and balances system they have in place to ensure the work you hired them to do is completed in a satisfactory manner.


Check References

In order to gauge the quality of an interior designer, ask people who have used the designer’s services. Any reputable professional will be able to give you a contacts sheet of verifiable references. Choose a designer whose references guarantee that the desired aesthetic appeal was accomplished by the designer, and within budget and time frames. Find out if the decorator was self-motivated and action-oriented, or if the client had to provoke the decorator to stay on task. You want to ensure that the interior designer you choose expresses personality traits that are easy for you to work with, such as receptiveness, attention to detail, active listening, openness to ideas and input, good communication and accessibility.

Finally, an interior designer must be able to create a design that suits your style.If your interior designer possesses these qualities, then you’re a good to go. You are ready to landscape and renovate that interior environment and put that functional space to use.

Always remember, Good Interior designers help make landscaping and renovation what you want them to be.







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