First, as an interior designer in Lagos Nigeria, you need to understand that your role or job is to bring life to a space no matter how big or small, and this means paying attention to the tiniest detail and styling of a bed is not an exception.

Styling and laying of a bed means two different things in interior design. Clients always lay their beds and style it in a poor manner not considering the finished look of the bed, this is where you come in as a Professional Interior Designer. Your job is to guide your clients by first styling the bed in attractive manner.

Most top interior design training school hardly train students on the importance of paying attention to details when executing interior design projects. However, Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship syllabus is designed to make prospective interior designers pay attention to every aspect of a project. Some of the home décor tips you can use for styling your bed are cushions and throw pillows. They are part of what beautifies the bed in order to give it a well pleasing look. These are the top tips you can always use to style a bed like a pro.

  1. Knowing how to fold Your duvet way down

Before bothering yourself on how to go about styling your bed with cushions, I will advise you start with knowing how to handle your duvet. Your duvet is a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with either wool, feathers or cotton silk. To begin with, you need to take your duvet and fold it way down the bed. The top half of your bed is on show, and the bottom half is covered with your duvet. Does that make sense? What I’m trying to say here is you can either choose to fold the duvet under itself, or roll it forward over itself.

  1. How to mix up colors

Home decoration majorly deals with mixing of colors so as an interior designer or prospective interior designer you need to be more experimental with colors and how to mix it. Some of the topics under colors are role of colors, knowing your colors, the use of color to mention but few. When designing your bed mix and match colors on them. You don’t have to and shouldn’t have your fitted sheet and flat sheet in the same color. Same goes for your pillows. As an interior designer you have to be creative. Start by thinking of the bed as many individual parts all coming together to create the whole. Rather than just using one set of color, mix colors.

Who said cushions colors need to match? What we have seen trending at the moment are small cushions shaped as objects such as fruit or circular knots with different colors. These cushions give a bedroom a quirky touch and a more fun and playful approach.


  1. Numbers of Cushions/Throws: There is no golden rule or right or wrong number when it comes to cushion styling and it will change depending on how bold or busy your bedding is. The size of your bed and personal preferences will determine the numbers of cushion you decide to have on your bed.

My best practice is taking few steps away from the bed and if it doesn’t look right, edit one thing at a time. Three and five cushions can make your bed more interesting. Stack two cushions on each side and one in the front middle. Remember to mix up the sizes and shapes to keep it interesting. The eye is instantly drawn to the textured cushion at the front in this arrangement, and it becomes the focal point.

  1. Picking the right feature cushions: For so many interior designers and prospective interior designers, this is probably the most challenging part of bed styling. To balance the bed styling concept, you need to pick the right size, color and shapes of cushions that will make the room more aesthetical and you will learn all these in Nigeria’s Top Interior Design Training School. Click here to register.

Let’s conclude with this, in my own opinion, the best way to style your bed is by using a lot of contrast between the feature cushions. Mix shapes. It could be square, rectangle, smarty or knot. There are a lot more shapes readily available. You can also mix textures for the throws like velvet or leather.

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