Customers often like to jump on trending things. While trends are not necessarily bad, not all trends stand the test of time. Remember that all wood paneling was the trend in the 80s, but these days, we are making better design choices. However, today, we will be talking about “TIMELESS” interior design.

What makes timeless interior design?

According to your renowned interior designer in Lagos, Nigeria, a timeless design is something that ages well or remains relevant at all times. That means, in 10, 20, or 30 years from now, the elements of the design won’t look dated or outdated in such a way it will require a complete overhaul to be brought to modern standards. While no one knows what the next 10 or 20 years may bring for interior design, picking design elements that can easily be swapped out can help you design with both the present and the future in mind.

One of the things we teach our students at Simplinteriors School of Interior Design and Entrepreneurship is that “Timeless Design” does not date itself. Walking into a timelessly designed room, it does not feel like you are in the thirties, eighties, or nineties. That means that the lovely art deco curtain accents you may have are not timeless. They are pointedly dated to the 1920s, though elements of classical styles can be used in timeless interior design, which can span a multitude of generations.

How can you design for a timeless style?

It’s not easy designing a timeless look. At the best interior design training school in Nigeria, when teaching timeless style, we always tell our students to shy away from trends and focus instead on elements that can stand the test of time. This often means focusing on natural materials for elements, such as wood and stone. Opting for these over tile, metals, or plastics will help you bridge the generational gap. Using vintage pieces can help your design span across the years, tying in a variety of nods to the interior design of days past. Symmetry should also be considered, as well as patterns that are not too vintage or too modern. Colors that aren’t too bold will help keep your room from looking a certain “age”, and effectively hiding technology will help your room feel like it belongs both in the 1800s and 2022. As long as the design harmonizes with itself, seemingly eclectic pieces can be used in conjunction with one another. Ultimately, you should be happy with your room, but these are some great starting points in order to create something timeless.

Standing the test of time

A room with elements that can be easily swapped (like pillows!) for more trendy colors or feelings is one that often stands the test of time. Swapping out those pillows for bright orange can help reinvigorate your room with new energy, and next year, when another color is more “hip” than the one preceding it, you can swap out elements in the room to that without redoing the whole space. This is the beauty of timeless design — it’s never too vintage or too modern, and can fit “just right”!

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